Comparison: Montessori vs "Traditional" Education

Montessori and traditional education programs reportedly differ in several ways, including physical environment, instructional methodology, and classroom attitude.


Our School

Montessori education is known for following the child, respecting his own pace of development while fostering his interests, and promoting independence, both within the structure of the classroom and out in the wider world. Cattoira Montessori School is a place which responds to each child as an individual. We are a vibrant, international community of learners, where children and adults can learn from each other, by teaching and by doing.
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Benefits of Montessori

Everybody knows that Montessori is a great way to educate children, but not everyone understands the benefits in detail. Here are some of the many reasons why Montessori is right for your child: Your child learns at his own rate. He is neither held back nor pushed forward according to the learning rates of other students. In a traditional classroom, all the children are learning the same thing and moving through the curriculum at the same rate.
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