Pablo Picasso and roosters!

This week we learned about one of my favorite artist, Pablo Picasso. Here you will find examples of their interpretation of one of his famous roosters. Our first graders worked in an interesting earth science project, they saw first-hand how cave formations, called stalactites and stalagmites, form slowly over time through the dripping and hardening […]

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February 3, 2017

Tailor your parenting approaches!

“Tailor your parenting approaches to the unique temperament traits of your child. Temperament is the way that a child responds and interacts with people, materials, and situations in his world. Temperamental differences between babies can be seen when they are as early as 4 months old. Although research indicates that an individual’s temperament traits may […]

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Continue to encourage!

“Continue to encourage and allow your child to participate in age-appropriate household jobs so that he will develop a sense of confidence and feel like he is a contributing member of your family.” – Denise Catoira Sanches

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