8 Weeks of fun! There is nothing quite like a girls only club, where girls can do what girls love to do. Ladies, treat your daughters this summer to a unique camp designed to help your daughter blossom into the young lady she is meant to be. Our girls camp will give your daughter the opportunity to experience a wide range of creative activities including:

THINKING LAVENDER Introduction to the aromatherapy world, a holistic approach to creating your own scent, soaps, lotions and potions, your daughter will love discovering the science behind our beautiful nature and the wonderful things that can be created when mixing and blending herbs, flowers, and oils. And the final touch of designing, packaging and marketing their product.

ROSE at WORK Cooking and baking while having fun. Introduction to a modernist culinary experience with a safe approach to eating healthy, from salty to sweet.

BE YOUR OWN MUSE Introduction to social etiquette, communicating with style, nutrition, and personal care. Your daughter will have the opportunity to enjoy a mini day spa done in class. Mini Day Spa includes hair care, skin care (age appropriate) and a manicure.

TEACUPS and HATS in the garden! High tea in our modern world. Your daughter will attend a tea party and learn the proper ways to set the table, practice grace, seat propearly and be a gracious host.

HIP HOP/JAZZ This Fun age appropriate introduction to jazz and hip hop centers on basic isolation techniques, rhythm and high energy inherent in both dance styles.

SELF EXPRESSION THROUGH ART Canvas painting, manual arts, knitting, needlework, and needlecraft.

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