School Supply Lists

School Supply Lists

In an effort to prepare your child for the upcoming year, we are asking you to ensure they come to school prepared with the required school supplies. Click below to see the lists. Please ensure all supplies are labeled with your child’s name.

Toddlers Class

A small backpack with three extra changes of clothes
A 1-gallon zip lock bag (daily)
4 diapers for half day students (daily)
6 diapers for full-day students (daily)
Wipes (daily)
Fabric Place Matt & Napkin Available for purchase at school $10.00
Family picture (no frame please)
Healthy lunch for full-day students (daily)

Primary Class

A small backpack with an extra change of clothes (uniforms only)
Plastic Folder (letter size)
Fabric Place Matt & Napkin
Available for purchase at school $10.00
Spoon, fork, and knife (child safe)
Small family picture (no frame please)
Healthy lunch for full-day students (daily)

Elementary Classes

1 x Backpack. Please remember that a backpack is a must in this class, backpacks should be brought daily (no rolling backpacks please).
1 x Box of 12-24 Prisma Color Pencils. They can be purchased at Costco, Pearls or any art supply store. These are the best pencils to use, they last all year and have beautiful textures, colors and don’t break easily. (no Crayola or Rose Art pencils please).
1 x Children’s Dictionary (ie. Scholastic to be kept at home for homework).
2 x napkins (fabric), spoon, fork, and knife should be packed in lunch box daily.
Don’t forget to pack a healthy lunch daily.
iPad or McBook with Key Note and Pages
Please help us go green. For our herbal & sensory garden, please send one or more of the following:  rosemary, lavender, or basil (seedlings only) You may also order a hot lunch using the Yummy For My Tummy Lunch program.