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Monday Post

Here are two collages of last week’s activities. Math is becoming a favorite of the children. I wanted to thank you for attending our last conference of the year. When we work together, students benefit. Have a wonderful week, Natasha Palacios

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Learn from another!

What a productive week, with full of new experiences. The life of french painter Henri Matisse, painting with scissors, a sound experiment called making music with glass cups, botany lessons, geography, science, zoology, and more…! During math, we witness what Maria Montessori meant when she wrote: “The children learn from one another and throw themselves […]

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Cool experiments!

These past two weeks we’ve been trying some cool experiments. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of these activities. One was the egg drop, during engineering class. The children built a device that allowed a chicken egg to survive the impact of dropping from various heights. In the process, they made a […]

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